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JavaCounter 4.8 Home Page

Hey, check out my clock/counter — it's written in Java so it will run anywhere, it's packed with neat features — and best of all, it's CareWare .

I don't see the Java Applets. What's wrong?

Note: These Java applets are only as accurate as your computer's clock and time zone settings. If the clocks do not show the correct time at your location, adjust your computer's clock and time zone settings. Do not write to tell me my page is broken.

If you really wanted a way to accurately set your computer's clock, click here .

Click here (21 KB) to download the ZIPped combined package (JavaCounter and SuperClock) and installation instructions.

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JavaCounter and SuperClock are CareWare .

Enabling Java on your Browser

If you cannot see the Java applets on this page , you need to enable Java in your browser. Here is how:

Netscape: Select Options ... Network Preferences ... Languages .. Enable Java.

MSIE: Select View ... Options ... Security ... Enable Java Programs.

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