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Graph Tutor 2.0 Home Page

This is a nice interactive Java application that provides an intuitive sense of the behavior of functions and graphs — and best of all, it's CareWare .

(click or drag the slider controls at the right)

Graph Tutor is designed to be the heart of tutorial HTML pages or interactive math applications.

Use Graph Tutor to:
  • Acquire an intuitive sense of the behavior of a function by interacting with it in real time.
  • Teach students graphing concepts in a way not possible using traditional methods.
  • Explore functions and their properties interactively.
Graph Tutor's numeric values can be customized, either by moving sliders (right) or by entering new numbers in the
colored boxes

Graph Tutor can be run as an applet or a stand-alone application.
You can select the size of the display and Graph Tutor will scale to fit your selected size.
You can customize the display colors in either the applet or application.
Full instructions are provided in the installation kit

Click here (13 KB) to download the ZIPped package and installation instructions.

Graph Tutor 2.0 is CareWare .

I don't see the graph. What's wrong?

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