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Current Version: 4.3 (03/02/2000)

Client Session Display

What is EasyTerm?

  • EasyTerm is an advanced sockets-enabled Telnet terminal program.
  • EasyTerm supports many protocols besides Telnet, such as SMTP and POP3.
  • EasyTerm emulates a DEC VT100 terminal and supports ANSI colors.
  • EasyTerm's display can be resized in two ways:
    • You may choose the number of character rows and columns.
    • You may resize the Windows display to suit your preferences.
    • These sizing methods are independent of each other.
  • EasyTerm supports 26 simultaneous keyboard macros.
  • EasyTerm will log your entire session, supports clipboard transfers, and will print the current display.
  • EasyTerm remembers up to 32 hosts and protocols.
  • EasyTerm is entirely Y2K compatible (I had to add this — people kept asking).
Oh, I almost forgot the other good news. EasyTerm is CareWare — that means no money, now or ever. You just have to care.

Just download this self-extracting file and run it — installation is automatic. Then run EasyTerm. Select Help for use instructions.

If, when you run EasyTerm, your system reports that it is missing one or more DLL files, or if the program does not run correctly, Click Here to download the required files. And click here for a full explanation.

Version History

  • Version 4.3 uses an external .ini file (not a registry entry), to make it simpler to transfer program data from one machine to another.
  • Still version 4.2, but now offers full installation support and comes as a self-extracting executable download.
  • Version 4.2 fixes a bug that prevented correct operation with some Unix editors, adds a clipboard paste function and several other improvements.
  • Version 4.1 fixes a longstanding bug that prevented logon with some telnet servers.
  • Version 4.0 adds more row and column choices for people with disabilities.
  • Version 3.8 permits the display of a full 256 character ASCII set.
  • Version 3.6 allows the program to be invoked from a DOS shell or shortcut with specified host and protocol, i. e. "easyterm hostname:protocol".
  • Version 3.4 allows an IP address to be used as a host name (some installations of Windows 95 would not allow this).
  • Version 3.3 corrects an error that gradually used up system resources.
  • Version 3.2 corrects an error that caused an exit on an unrecognized escape sequence.
  • Version 3.1 corrects a (rather egregious) coding error that sometimes exited the program under Windows 95.
  • Version 3.0 corrects an allocation error on exit in Windows 95.
NOTE: Some of these coding errors escape my attention because I develop software exclusively under Windows NT 4.0, and I am beginning to realize this OS behaves differently than does Windows 95. These errors show I should do more Windows 95 testing. Mea Culpa.

EasyTerm is © Copyright 1998, Paul Lutus Message Page
EasyTerm is CareWare .

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