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Current Version: 2.5 (4/11/1998)

NOTE: This program has been superseded by IcomProgrammer II, a much better program.

Also, Excel spreadsheets are inherently unsafe. This page remains only for historical reference and the download below has been disabled.

(original content:)

EasyTuner is an Excel spreadsheet that can tune your communications receiver or transceiver.

This leads to a natural question: why? My radio already has a tuning knob!

Well, let me explain. A spreadsheet can be used as a simple database, perfect for storing large numbers of frequencies. You can type in frequencies, you can even calculate them using formulas. You can create pages of frequencies for special purposes. You can choose separate receive and transmit frequencies if your radio is a transceiver, and you can automate this process as well.

  • Works with all Kenwood and Icom receivers and transceivers that are computer-controllable.
  • Sets receiver and transmitter frequency and mode.
  • Saves all your entries between uses (if you press "Save").
  • Allows you to organize frequencies by category.
  • Automatic computation of repeater input frequencies.
  • Change frequencies just by pointing your mouse or using the arrow keys.
Oh, I almost forgot the other good news. EasyTuner is CareWare — that means no money, now or ever. You just have to care.

EasyTuner comes with a number of pages of pre-programmed frequencies to help you get started:

  • Big SWL frequency list organized by country.
  • 2 Meter repeater page with automatic computation of uplink frequency.
  • AM, CB, VHF Marine + weather pages.
To use EasyTuner, you need an available serial interface on your computer, and you must have Microsoft Excel 5.0 or later. For Kenwood radios, you must have the RS-232 interface box (model IF-232C). On older Kenwood radios you may also need an internal circuit board (model IF-10A or B). For Icom radios you must have their interface box (model CI-V Level Converter).

As time goes by, the radio manufacturers are including more of this computer interface circuitry in the radios as sold, so you might want to check with your distributor or your manuals to see how much of it is already included in your radio. At the time of writing, the latest Icom model (IC-746) still requires the level converter box, in spite of what many distributors believe (by the way, I just bought the Icom IC-746 and it is quite spectacular).

EasyTuner may eventually be expanded to work with Yaesu radios, but at the moment I only have Kenwood and Icom radios for testing.

Download easytuner.zip (Windows 95/NT, 63 KB) (removed — Excel spreadsheets are innately unsafe)

Just download this zip file, unzip and place the contents into a convenient directory, then click easytuner.xls.

If, when you try to run EasyTuner, your system reports that it can't run it, check to be sure you have Microsoft Excel 5.0 or later on your system.

EasyTuner is © Copyright 1998, Paul LutusMessage Page
EasyTuner is CareWare .

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