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Online Slide Sets for My Talks

These are Microsoft PowerPoint© exports of slide sets I use for some of the talks I give. Using the new Microsoft PowerPoint Internet Assistant©, I was able to create sequences of GIF images of the slides. I hope the sense of the talks comes across in the images.
The Idea Marketplace This slide set summarizes an idea for a book about a new economy based on pure ideas — no wrapper, no mass, no shipping. Yes, you guessed it — sort of like the Internet. A subtext is an exhortation to think for yourself.
Science This is a slide set intended for gifted children. It presumes to summarize what science is about.
Did Earth's Life Originate on Mars? These slides examine the current evidence for life on Mars, and present a hypothesis that Mars may have been the source for Earth's own life.

NOTE: Because these slide shows consist of large GIFs, they require a fair amount of bandwidth. Sorry!

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