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QuickWatch Check Format Converter

What is QuickWatch?

Quickwatch is a program I have had around for several years, written in different languages, sort of a personal project. It lets me use any checks I want with Quicken® or Microsoft Money. I wanted to use my personal, unique checks, but Quicken® only allows you to use checks you buy from their parent company, Intuit. I just updated QuickWatch and decided to post it, since it is now running more smoothly than ever.

The good news is Quickwatch allows you to use ANY checks with Quicken® or Microsoft Money. The bad news is QuickWatch is a little hard to install — you have to create a special printer port to route "printing" to a file, and you also have to format a word processing document to print the check information in the right locations on your checks.

I provide complete, step-by-step installation and use instructions with QuickWatch, so if you are reasonably computer literate, you won't have any problems.

Oh. I almost forgot. The other good news is Quickwatch is CareWare — that means no money, now or ever. You just have to care.

Here is how QuickWatch works:

  • Quicken®/Microsoft Money "prints" checks in the usual way, but you will have set up your computer to route Quicken's® "printing" into a file. The instructions for this are provided.
  • QuickWatch detects that file, reads it, converts its contents into a tabbed database file (one record for each check), and passes it along to a Mail Merge-style word processing document. A sample of this document for Word for Windows® is included in the QuickWatch package.
  • Quickwatch launches your word processing program, and (after you have once set things up) you see the output document, all ready to be printed, one page per check. You load your personal, unique checks into the printer and press "Print."

So having said all that, here it is: Download QuickWatch.zip (Windows 95/NT, 762 KB) .

Just download this zip file, unzip and place the contents into a convenient program directory, and run QuickWatch. Press the HELP button for setup instructions.

"Quicken" is a registered trademark of the Intuit Corporation.
"Word for Windows" and "Microsoft Money" are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation.

The author of QuickWatch is in no way associated with either Intuit or Microsoft.

QuickWatch is © Copyright 1997, Paul Lutus Message Page
QuickWatch is CareWare .

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