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ArachnoCalc 1.5 Home Page

A really great virtual calculator! Written in Java so it will run anywhere, packed with neat features — and best of all, it's CareWare .

By pressing the bottom row keys, you redefine the calculator's keyboard to access special functions. Go ahead, try it!

  • Reverse Polish notation (stack) calculator, favored by scientists and technical people.
  • 14-digit accuracy.
  • Fixed point, Scientific, Engineering, Hexadecimal, Octal and Binary number formats.
  • Many scientific and technical functions.
  • Programming and logic functions.
  • Financial functions including interactive solutions of loan amortization problems.
  • Dynamic keyboard that changes with your choice of mode.
  • Help screens for each function group.
  • Calculator size, colors, font and overall appearance can be changed from the launching HTML page (as shown here) or from the command line when run as an appplication.
  • Written in Java, runs on any Java-capable platform. Runs as an applet or a standalone application.
  • Cost: $0.00 (and please read about CareWare ).
  • Distribution: unlimited , so long as the calculator is not made part of a commercial product.

At the moment, the calculator is located in your browser's file buffer, but for convenience, click here for a ZIPped copy of the three required Java class files (16 KB).

I don't see the calculator. What's wrong?

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