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So who is this guy?

I think my background is somewhat unorthodox,
but I will let you make up your own mind.

Me (right) ca. 1957.
Age 12: the birthplace
of arrogance.

Washington Square, N.Y.C.
ca. 1967 — Famous Bubbles.




1945    Well, everything has to start sometime, yes?
1952Lived like an animal. Actually, animals had it better.
1957Bought my first telescope. It was pretty bad but I loved it.
Decided my education was too important to leave up to schools.
Became "7th Grade Dropout," already trying to retire.
1959Built my first pirate radio transmitter from old TV parts.
Suddenly police couldn't locate Car 54.
1962Thrown into street by evil parents. You probably think I'm kidding.
Made a living fixing TV sets.
1966Became street vagabond (when it was still fashionable).
Became folk singer (when it was still possible).
Hitchhiked across country several times (when it was still safe).
1973Designed electronics for the NASA Space Shuttle.
1975Moved to Oregon, tried to retire and garden. Ha ha.
1977Bought an Apple II, just for the fun of it.
1978Created first version of "Apple Writer" as tool
to aid writing of relativity article.
1983Apple Writer II became international best seller.
1985Named "Scientist of the Year" by the Oregon Academy of Science.
1987Tired of working on Apple Writer, I bought a sailboat,
just for the fun of it.
1988I started sailing 31-foot boat around the world, solo.
1991I finished epic around the world solo 30,000 mile voyage.
1996Created Arachnophilia and the idea for CareWare.

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