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The Tucows Newsletter Issue

Recently, some of you noticed my program listings disappear from Tucows.

The program listings have been restored and Tucows (www.tucows.com), with mirror sites all over the world, is once again a quick and efficient way to get my programs.

The problem was that Tucows was mailing a newsletter containing advertising to all registered developers, whether they wanted to receive it or not. I objected to this practice and was therefore dropped from the Tucows site.

But Tucows has recently decided this policy was a mistake, restored my program listings to their site, agreed to make the newsletter optional, and intends to tell the developers that it is optional.

No one should think of this as a victory for my anti-spam campaign and a defeat for Tucows — it is a victory for both of us. Tucows would eventually have had to change its newsletter policy because of increasing resistance to spam. All this event did was speed up an inevitable change.

After a brief period of resistance, Tucows has shown itself able to change its way of doing things in response to public opinion, and to recognize and live up to its responsibilities as an Internet business.

If you want to thank Tucows for this very positive choice, Click Here.

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