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Arachnophilia Bug Report Page

Please use this page only to report bugs in Arachnophilia.

This page is not for asking questions about anything.

Do not post HTML questions, under any circumstances, ever.

Do not report a bug until you have done all the following things:

  1. Read
  2. "A note about Freeware"

  3. If you want to find out how to write HTML, please:

    Do not write and ask me to solve HTML problems for you.

  4. If you did not download and install the current version of Arachnophilia
  5. , do so before reporting a problem with Arachnophilia — this is the most common source of difficulty.

  6. Just as important
  7. — if the build number on your copy of Arachnophilia is not the same as the current release build number on the Arachnophilia Home Page , then download the new build before reporting a bug.

  8. If you have not visited the
  9. Arachnophilia Frequently Asked Questions page, do so now.
    Most of my e-mail consists of questions that have already been asked and answered.

  10. If you have not accessed the Arachnophilia help screens, do so now.
  11. The help screens are available on every copy of Arachnophilia. They are accessed by pressing the menu HELP button. The vast majority of questions I receive by e-mail are already answered in the HELP screens.

Arachnophilia Bug Report Form

Do not post HTML questions, under any circumstances, ever.

  • First, I need to establish that you are a real person. I am very sorry about this, but you may be aware that spammers, including robot spammers, have taken over the Internet. Please type in the secret word that appears in the graphic image to the right.
Type the secret word (visible at the right):    
Your Name
Your E-mail Address
Your Arachnophilia Build number
(look in Arachnophilia's Help ... About dialog)
Your Operating System
Have you downloaded and installed the current version and build from the Arachnophilia Home Page? Yes
Describe the problem (you may use multiple lines).

Be sure to include any contents of the file (user home directory)/.Arachnophilia/ArachErrorLog.txt, if it has any contents. If it does not have any, say so.

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