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Arachnophilia Revision History
Arachnophilia is © Copyright 2020, P. Lutus.

Arachnophilia is CareWare

(Reverse chronological order)

5.5295310/29/2020Fixed a bug that prevented correct error-stream processing in the SystemProcess function.
5.5294710/27/2020Added content check to SystemProcess to verify that output differs from input. This avoids updating if no change.
5.5294410/23/2020Rewrote system processor macro code to allow correct UTF-8 encoding in external modules.
5.5293504/09/2018(1) Added name of currently active file in program title and (therefore) program tab in a desktop environment. This helps keep track of desktop tabs and files. (2) Changed project license from LGPL to GPL.
5.5292604/08/2018Abandoned efforts to decode Oracle's Java version numbers. If Arachnophilia runs on a particular Java version, then it runs, otherwise it doesn't run. Oracle's versioning system is less than useless. Oh, and Arachnophilia runs fine on Java version 10, now that it doesn't have to try to decode version numbers.
5.5292211/18/2016Replaced Windows startup method after discovering that Microsoft has dropped support for Java.
5.5291401/11/2016Updated HTML file template to agree with recent conventions.
5.5290209/01/2015Recoded focus management scheme to accommodate recent changes in Java.
5.5289503/22/2015Replaced outdated installer method and application.
5.5288202/11/2015Corrected a bug in the key mapping list generator.
5.5287712/09/2014Fixed some minor user-reported bugs.
5.5287210/13/2014Fixed a bug caused by the icon change.
5.5285610/11/2014Made some small changes, replaced program icon.
5.5284209/25/2014Added the Povray .POV suffix to the C++ file type for syntax coloring and code beautification.
5.5283703/04/2014Recoded the browser search algorithm to accommodate more browser names and paths. This change allows searches in newer Windows versions to include both the 32- and 64-bit program directories.
5.5282210/17/2013Compensated for a breathtakingly stupid Netbeans bug that won't allow any project files to exist that it cannot compile. This bug caused all the template files to be deleted from the most recent build.
5.5281910/12/2013Added the ability to change the editor's font size by holding down the Ctrl key while spinning the mouse wheel — a feature I see everywhere now.
5.5281209/12/2013Changed to require Java 7, after Oracle halted security and support for Java 6
5.5280907/19/2013Corrected a mishandling of the tab key when spaces are used for tabs.
5.5280304/05/2013Fixed a bug in a numeric parser that failed to detect a hexadecimal modifier.
5.5279203/29/2013Fixed a parser bug that detected and reported nonexistent FTP errors.
5.5278112/09/2012Fixed a bug resulting from continued use of Java 1.6 in some places. Users should upgrade to Java 1.7 if at all possible.
5.5277212/03/2012Fixed a bug that disabled the context menus in the search and replace fields, an error resulting from a recent major code overhaul.
5.5276311/22/2012Fixed a bug that prevented transfer of browser definitions in the browser dialog.
5.5275911/19/2012Changed some key hook definitions that no longer worked on all platforms.
5.5275511/11/2012More code base refactoring to take advantage of new Java features.
5.5273411/10/2012Refactored entire code base to exploit recent Java changes and improvements.
5.5272311/08/2012Recoded the regular expression processor to better manage argument errors.
5.5271210/23/2012Changed Windows installation package for consistency with newer Windows versions and conventions.
5.5270508/20/2012Adjusted build parameters to allow operation on Java 1.6 (some users cannot use the current Java version, 1.7).
5.5270308/19/2012Updated browser search list, added/edited items in FAQ list.
5.5269103/26/2012Fixed a bug in the instant-search feature that launched an unnecessary dialog.
5.5268803/16/2012Restored the function of the user-definable syntax colors dialog.
5.5267110/17/2011Fixed an error in the Windows application-launch registry entry that incorrectly referenced the installation executable instead of the Java executable.
5.5266510/06/2011Fixed a bug in which the default suffix for HTML/XHTML was set to "xhtml", but there is no template with that suffix. The remedy was to change the order of suffixes in the filetype definition file so "html" appears first.
5.5266110/06/2011Added support for plain-text LaTeX source files in a simple way — by adding a new filetype to the FileTypes.txt configuration file that uses the C syntax coloring engine and honors the .tex suffix. If people want more sophisticated syntax coloring for this file type, I will work on it, but users are better off designing LaTeX content using my online LaTeX editor located at http://arachnoid.com/latex and/or by acquiring a copy of the LyX editor located at http://www.lyx.org .
5.5265710/03/2011Updated documentation to reflect the many recent changes, added more file suffixes to the default configuration.
5.5265210/03/2011Tuned the [FindSetFocus] algorithm for more reliability, modified the status bar content code to remove outdated data.
5.5264410/03/2011Reworked the find/replace invocation function [FindSetFocus] (default Ctrl+F) to pick up any short document text selection the user may have made and copy it into the find text pane, then while shifting focus, select the entire find entry in case deletion is intended.
5.5263510/02/2011Redesigned the search/replace panel for smaller size, better appearance and functionality. Moved search result text to status bar.
5.5262710/02/2011Fixed a bug that prevented reestablishment of syntax coloring after a file content update, enabled first-key navigation in the file picker dialog.
5.5261909/29/2011Added code beautifiers for Bash shell scripts and Ruby source files. Added two new system commands to allow interaction with external programs so any external scripts can be used to process Arachnophilia documents by way of macros (read how to use these new features at http://arachnoid.com/arachnophilia/Documentation/ExternalPrograms.html or by way of your local documentation copy). Fixed a bug in the Document-to-HTML converter.
5.5260309/28/2011Fixed a bug that prevented saving a zero-length file, coded a way to right-click individual menu items for macro editing.
5.5259209/27/2011Fixed a user-reported bug in the search/replace routines.
5.5258509/27/2011Fixed some small bugs, restored the ability to move between documents with a keystroke.
5.5257709/26/2011Restored a long-lost feature of Java applications — an audible, cross-platform beep as user feedback for errors and unexpected outcomes.
5.5256109/26/2011Reworked the toolbar structure and the toolbar show/hide command. To see these changes, users need to delete the directory located at (user home directory)/.Arachnophilia.
5.5254209/26/2011Created, edited and corrected old and new templates for the greater number of file types now supported.
5.5253709/25/2011Updated the documentation to reflect recent changes.
5.5253109/25/2011Rewrote the Doc-to-HTML converter for greater efficiency and smaller output size.
5.5252209/24/2011This new version replaces the old, lame syntax-coloring editor with a new, better one (http://bobbylight.github.io/RSyntaxTextArea/), with full-time syntax coloring, many more supported file types, and simultaneous line wrapping. Because RSyntaxTextArea is licensed under the LGPL, and because I think I would not be able to figure out which source files would, and would not, need to be published under the LGPL, I have decided to publish all the Arachnophilia source files with this version (see http://arachnoid.com/arachnophilia for details).

To upgrade to this new release, prior users will need to delete their Arachnophilia user directories, located at (user home directory)/.Arachnophilia.

Note to Arachnophilia power users — check out the new Nimbus look & feel: Tools ... Set Look & Feel — Nimbus.
5.4246103/31/2011Updated desktop shortcuts to accommodate changes in how Java launches applications in Windows.
5.4244503/17/2011Added .shtml files to browser-launch server support list, added a trap to allow saving of unsaved documents when program is forced to close, fixed a number of other small bugs.
5.4243610/23/2010Made some structural changes to accommodate gradual evolution in Java.
5.4241110/23/2009Updated Custom Class feature and documentation. This feature had stopped working because of recent changes in Java, but is again functional.
5.4240710/23/2009Replaced most string-based keyboard identifiers with keycodes for the benefit of non-English users (unfortunately, the macro mapping codes cannot be replaced with universal constants).
5.4240410/05/2009Recompiled against Java version 1.6.0_16 after receiving a mysterious bug report that shouldn't have happened.
5.4240209/05/2009Changed the Windows program shortcut so it can be a drag & drop destination for one or more files, and added it to the desktop by default. Added an Arachnophilia shortcut to the "Send To" context menu.
5.4239508/27/2009Changed the save-as file dialog so that pressing "Enter" in the filename field saves the document under the entered name.
5.4238708/27/2009Included the option to open a file dialog for "All Files" (*.*), and created a system macro with the same purpose: [OpenAllDoc]
5.4238207/14/2009Added a much-requested feature that allows the user to submit an alternative configuration directory on the command line (see "Advanced Features" for more detail).
5.4237706/11/2009Fixed a bug that would overwrite an unsaved text file when the "List System Commands" or "List Current Key Mappings" commands were issued. Fixed a bug that prevented opening a zero-length file.
5.4236503/31/2009Reworded the error log header text, added more browser names to the default search list.
5.4235803/20/2009Located and corrected a bug in a color-management dialog.
5.4235303/04/2009Refactored file read/write code to deal with a transient resource allocation error.
5.4234703/04/2009Changed file read/write methods to avoid a memory allocation problem.
5.4234103/03/2009Restored the function of the syntax color editing dialog in response to regressive feature drift within the Java Swing toolkit collection.
5.4233703/02/2009Added error-trapping code to prevent inadvertent mangling of documents in the event that the user-selected character encoding doesn't match that of the document being read or written. Users are cautioned that this will only prevent some problems caused by a mismatch between a document and a selected character set, and users need to remain vigilant about the correspondence between the character encoding of documents and that of Arachnophilia.
5.4232202/20/2009Added a character-encoding indicator to the status bar so users can tell at a glance which character encoding is in effect. Users are reminded that a chosen character encoding (located at "File ... Character Encoding") only affects file reads and writes, it has no effect on a document while it is in memory. Also updated the documentation to address memory issues (see "Common Problems - Memory Issues").
5.4231802/08/2009Updated base calculator ("Programming ... Base Calculator") appearance and function.
5.4231502/08/2009Modified display code to prevent appearance inconsistencies when using different Look & Feel options. Changed to default system Look & Feel on fresh installations. (Users can choose their favorite Look & Feel with "Tools ... Set Look & Feel".)
5.4231202/03/2009Edited the content of the template file set to correct small errors.
5.4231102/02/2009Fixed a bug in the macro editor that prevented clearing of a shortcut key.
5.4230702/01/2009Changed to a case-insensitive sort in the file manager dialog.
5.4230201/31/2009Fixed a number of small tag-formatting errors that prevented strict XHTML compliance. To see these changes on an existing Arachnophilia installation, delete the directory located at (user home directory)/.Arachnophilia before running the new version.

  1. Fixed a document preview bug that failed to honor the user's character encoding choice when launching a browser for preview.

  2. Moved the character encoding selection submenu from "Text" to "File", where it actually belongs (because it only takes effect while loading or saving a file).

  3. After many user complaints, changed default character encoding from UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1. Users who want full Unicode support should select menu item "File ... Character Encoding ... UTF-8", then commence file operations.

To enable these changes, users should delete the Arachnophilia user directory located at (user home directory)/.Arachnophilia before running the new version.
5.4229312/15/2008Revised the RTF -> HTML converter to manage single and double smart quotes in a way consistent with Unicode.
5.4228212/10/2008Changed file-type testing in the Right-Click Wizard. Many document types now have HTML style content (color tags, URLs, etc.) and all benefit from the Wizard's features (automatic dialog launches for particular content).
5.4227512/03/2008Added a submenu to the "Text" menu containing some common document read/write character encodings. To make the new menu possible, added a new system command — [FileEncoding] — that allows selection of a character set other than the default UTF-8. The new command's use is explained in the Unicode documentation.
5.4226712/03/2008Changed the installation procedure to be slightly more intelligent about missing files.
5.4226112/03/2008Reworked the Unicode support documentation to explain it more clearly.
5.4225711/24/2008Reworked the HTML beautify routine to be more consistent and not collapse blank lines that might serve a purpose.
5.4225111/24/2008Changed default syntax highlighting colors. To see this change in an existing installation, delete (user home directory)/.Arachnophilia/ArachConf/Arach.ini. Users can always choose their own colors using menu item Programming ... Syntax Colors.
5.4224511/23/2008Fixed "Backspace" and "Delete" key actions, which now can be undone if a selection is made beforehand (single character deletions are still lost).
5.4223711/17/2008Updated documentation to deal with Unicode in greater depth.
5.4223511/17/2008Rewrote Arachnophilia to support Unicode (UTF8) characters and operations. Users should read the provided documentation to fully understand this feature, its advantages and potential pitfalls.
5.3220909/13/2008Fixed bug in XHTML Validator to accept XML header tag.
5.3220609/10/2008Edited the HTML new-document template to better conform to XHTML standards.
5.3220309/06/2008Fixed a bug that prevented the XHTML beautifier from accomodating an XML header tag.
5.3219803/20/2008Added the default Macintosh application directory to the browser dialog detection code, fixed a minor bug in the browser executable names window.
5.3219101/30/2008Fixed a bug in the graphic tag creation code that caused the deletion of one too many characters.
5.3218301/30/2008Restored file list drag & drop functionality to Windows & Linux platforms. Users may select one or more files in their platform's file browser, then drag & drop the list onto the Arachnophilia main window. The original functionality had disappeared over time due to changes in Java and the target platforms. This fix may or may not work on a Macintosh, I cannot test it.
5.3217701/29/2008Minor changes: added new system command to set focus to find dialog, mapped Ctrl+F by default to this function. Added Cut, Copy and Paste commands to context menus.
5.3216404/03/2007Changed to target Java runtime version 1.5. This recent series of changes moves Arachnophilia from Java 1.4.2 -> 1.5, with consequent improvements primarily in appearance and launch speed.
5.3216204/03/2007Changed Java target runtime specification to 1.6.
5.3216004/02/2007Upgraded and recompiled using Java 1.6. This change may require some users to update their runtime engines at http://java.com
5.3213212/03/2006Fixed a bug in Table Wizard that had been placing the entire created table on a single line.
5.3212611/28/2006Fixed error in HTML Validator that prevented successful parse of a certain malformed syntax.
5.3212411/19/2006Modified the code beautifier once again to handle a special case of regular expressions.
5.3212311/17/2006Fixed an inconsistency in the code beautifier having to do with regular expressions.
5.3212011/17/2006Fixed a bug in the graphic auto-resizing function that mangled the XHTML format of the "img" tag.
5.3211611/06/2006Fixed a bug in JumpToOppositeTag that prevented it from correctly passing over PHP code blocks
5.3211411/06/2006After a three-year hiatus in upgrades, this represents a major change. Users are asked to delete the directory found at (user home directory)/.Arachnophilia to force a new installation of user files and documentation.

Among the new features are a complete change to XHTML syntax and conventions, a syntax validator and interactive error correcting system, a beautifier that (because of the change to XHTML) now can work reliably, and many other changes, listed and described in the documentation.

To realize the full benefit of this and future versions of Arachnophilia, users will need to either convert to XHTML completely, or at least edit legacy HTML tags for greater consistency. The documentation provides guidelines for this conversion.
5.2195912/08/2003Added much-needed progress bar to FTP Service dialog.
5.2195712/02/2003Fixed a couple of small bugs and added some menu items to the File Picker dialog.
5.2195311/28/2003Changed version test code to accommodate some Java VMs that have nonstandard characters in their version strings.
5.2194911/13/2003Fixed a bug that, in some cases, placed some meaningless characters at the end of a file as it was read.
5.2194711/13/2003Fixed a bug in the new auto-indent feature.
5.2194411/12/2003Added some precautionary error-trapping code in a problem area, updated the documentation with a discussion of shell scripts/batch files in the help section "Common Problems / Starting Arachnophilia". To add this new documentation section to your existing Arachnophilia installation, you will need to delete the (user home directory)/.Arachnophilia directory. This triggers a full re-installation including the updated documentation.
5.2194211/12/2003Added auto-indentation feature — new lines have the same indentation as previous lines. Fixed a bug that sometimes misplaced or lost a macro's keyboard shortcut.
5.2194011/05/2003Fixed a bug in which PHP files didn't have access to the right-click wizard's HTML features.
5.2193810/31/2003Ameliorated a syntax-coloring bug caused by mixing HTML tags and JavaScript code within a single line, but (to put it simply) users are advised not to mix HTML tags and JavaScript code within a single line.
5.2193710/30/2003Fixed a bug that failed the right-click processor spectacularly if a tag was split across two or more lines.
5.2193510/23/2003Revised the browser launching method to avoid some problematical path characters.
5.2193410/21/2003Fixed a reported bug in the file picker dialog.
5.2193110/15/2003Adjusted the browser launch code to accommodade an MSIE anomaly.
5.2192710/14/2003Fixed a small bug in the preview browser launch code that sometimes prevented correct URL interpretation.
5.2192510/13/2003Fixed a small reported bug in the spell checker.
5.2192310/13/2003Fixed a number of small reported bugs. Added more items to the HTML menus.
5.2190206/29/2003Corrected an additional bug in the command processor that inserted a bogus bracket on execution of a macro with nested system commands.
5.2190005/06/2003Fixed a bug in the command processor that prevented parsing of some combinations of delimiters.
5.2189503/16/2003Fixed another code beautifier bug.
5.2189403/15/2003Fixed a code beautifier bug that prevented some combinations of quoted and unquoted strings from being processed correctly.
5.2189303/13/2003Revised the documentation to reflect the many recent changes, upgraded the documentation's images.
5.2189203/13/20035.2 introduces server-side previewing and better overall support for PHP and ASP page development. The HTML Beautify feature, the code beautifier and the browser launcher have been rewritten to accommodate these special page types.

Because these pages are processed on a server before being presented to the client browser, they need to have a defined server name and virtual path. Arachnophilia now provides this in the browser setup dialog. The HTML beautify feature also now handles these pages properly, even when faced with <?php ... ?> and <% ... %> tag pairs on different lines.

Be sure to look at the Web browser setup dialog to fully understand the new scheme. Also, the new HTML Beautify feature won't push periods and commas away from the sentences they rightfully belong to (an old, annoying bug, finally fixed). The documentation has been revised to explain the improvements. To obtain these new features in their full form and update your documentation, be sure to force a full install (delete the (user home directory)/.Arachnophilia directory).
5.1188203/10/2003Improved the documentation WRT an FTP issue, included a few missing syntax-coloring classes inadvertently omitted from the prior release.
5.1188003/09/2003Repaired a few minor bugs, added some explanantory notes to the documentation, included a note about a subtle FTP problem having to do with user choices of destination path.
5.1187711/19/2002Optimized file reading/writing code. The line endings on all files are translated internally, as required, after they are read and before they are written. This change speeds up that translation.
5.1187611/18/2002Corrected an additional bug in, and improved, code beautifier. Updated documentation.
5.1187511/15/2002Cleaned up some reported bugs, fixed PHP beautify error, improved browser configuration and launch code, fixed tab character inconsistency, added more file templates.
5.1187310/09/2002Added block tab and block reverse tab, controlled by default with tab and shift-tab. To change these keyboard hooks, just go to Macros,Standard Menus,Text,Tab-related,Block Tab and Block Reverse Tab. Users must perform a full install to get this new feature (or one can program two new macros if a reinstall is not feasible).
5.1187210/06/2002Fixed a number of small bugs, including an error in which [RegExpFindReplaceAll] did not detect whether a selection had been made (always acting on the entire document), and an annoying bug in the file selector dialog that renamed files the user didn't intend to. Now the user renames files by right-clicking and choosing this option.
5.1186909/07/2002Improved command parsing algorithm and added the ablility to escape a defined macro, like this: \[DateTime], so that it is not executed but inserted unchanged.
5.1186809/07/2002Fixed another bug in the command processor that caused a lockup in some cases.
5.1186709/05/2002Fixed a bug that caused a program lockup if a single bracket '[' character was entered into the search field in "Instant Mode."
5.1186509/03/2002Fixed a bug that prevented escaped characters from being processed correctly in RegExp Find & Replace.
5.1186408/28/2002Fixed a bug that improperly carried a shortcut key definition over from an existing macro definition to a new one.
5.1186208/25/2002Added function to clear search and replace dropdown lists. This will make it easier to recover from the common mistake of entering an excessively long string into the search and replace dialog. See the documentation for the alternatives to entering long strings directly into the dialog.
5.1186008/25/2002Fixed FTP service error that defaulted to text file format instead of binary, the original intention. Updated documentation in response to common user inquiries.
5.1185005/10/2002Fixed file picker dialog error that listed folders in the right-hand panel and allowed them to be selected as though they were files. Now folders are selected in the left window, and files in the right.
5.1184905/02/2002Fixed a bug in the macro editor code that improperly transferred keyboard shortcuts.
5.1184805/01/2002Fixed a bug having to do with not using an unsaved password in the FTP service.
5.1184704/29/2002Fixed some small bugs, changed the keyboard hook code so almost any key can be used as a keyboard hook. This results from my finally realizing that there will always be some keystrokes in a gray area, neither a letter nor a control key, that might be useful as a keyboard hook. Many more key combinations are now possible. Added a system command to switch documents using Ctrl+Tab (an example of the above).
5.1184604/16/2002Dcoumentation update. Added some new FAQs and more details about the FTP Service.
5.1184504/16/2002Fixed a bug in the Right-Click Wizard that prevented detection of some color definitions in style blocks.
5.1184404/15/2002Added PHP to file types that can be beautified by Code Beautifier.
5.1184304/15/2002Corrected a bug in Code Beautify. It wasn't recognizing C files.
5.1184204/15/2002Corrected a bug in Table Wizard that prevented creation of a default empty table.
5.1184104/15/2002Fixed one additional bug in key mapping, made program remember the main divider location between uses.
5.1184004/15/2002Corrected some bugs in key mapping that sometimes allowed a null keyboard shortcut to exist.
5.1183904/13/2002Changed to allow the editing windows to share the background color of system windows, instead of the default white. I think I may regret this. :)
5.1183804/13/2002Located and corrected a bug that produced a display lock-up in some rare conditions. I recommend that everyone download this important bug fix.
5.1183704/09/2002Cleaned up some minor deficiencies in the new RTF to HTML converter.
5.1183604/09/2002Fixed a bug in shortcut key mapping and encoding. Some valid combinations were not being accepted, and the key mappings were not being listed correctly.
5.1183504/09/2002Responding to popular demand, added an RTF to HTML converter. This converter is constrained by Java's limited knowledge of RTF syntax, but it will convert RTF documents in much the same way as Arachnophilia 4.0's converter did. It won't convert images or tables, but it will handle most normal rich-text content.
5.0183404/07/2002Corrected a hitherto undetected out-of-bounds bug in string handling code.
5.0183304/07/2002Improved the friendliness and robustness of the browser configuration dialog. It is almost the first thing a new user sees, and it isn't possible to view the help file until a browser has been located. So it is now almost automatic — it chooses a reasonable directory and will search even if the user isn't sure which button to press.
5.0183204/06/2002Fixed a bug that prevented the import of legacy toolbars/macros. Changed to a numeric code for storing keyboard codes upon discovering that each language supported by Java spells keyboard key names differently. This assures that non-English users will have the correct default keyboard shortcuts. Fixed a few other, lesser bugs.
5.0183103/31/2002Rewrote Arachnophilia's internal FilePicker class to handle network paths and improved its speed. On Windows, FilePicker can now browse your network just as Windows File Explorer does.
5.0183003/30/2002Replaced the regular expression engine. The previous (gnu-regexp) engine, used in the pre-Java 1.4 of Arachnophilia, has been replaced with that now built into Java 1.4. This means the new features described in the Java documentation for the java.util.regex package all apply to Arachnophilia's regular expression processor. The Java regex package is more robust and less likely to crash or lock up than the older version.
5.0182803/27/2002Fixed some default toolbar/menu inconsistencies, fixed a clipboard bug.
5.0182703/25/2002Fixed a reported bug in character to HTML entity conversion. The routine was converting the content of tags as well as the tag delimiters in HTML documents. Now it checks to see if the target is an HTML document and changes its behavior if so.
5.0182603/25/2002Changed the default FTP Service remote directory path to "/". This was causing some confusion — most (but not all) configurations require this slash to be present, and it was not present by default. Updated documentation.
5.0182503/23/2002Fixed a small bug having to do with differing quirks in differing versions of the Netscape browser. Added some entries to the FAQ list.
5.0182403/18/2002Fixed a bug brought on by the Java 1.4 transition in which the tab key suddenly stopped working in the editor.
5.0182303/17/2002Fixed a bug in the FTP service, rewrote the clipboard functions to offer and accept more data types.
5.0182203/16/2002Fixed a bug in which context menus would extend off the right and bottom edges of the display. This is actually a bug in Java, but I was able to create a fix.
5.0182103/14/2002Corrected a bug in the new [FileSaveToEOL] feature. It was saving the progam's own files using the user's choice of line ending. Relatively benign, but not what I intended.
5.0182003/13/2002Added an automatic error logging system, so any program or java runtime engine errors will automatically be logged to (user home directory)/.Arachnophilia/ArachErrorLog.txt. If you submit a bug report, be sure to include any contents this file may have.
5.0181803/13/2002Added a system command [FileSaveEOL:arg] to allow users to override the default platform end-of-line character sequence.
5.0181703/13/2002Accommodated a Netscape browser launch problem with a code change.
5.0181603/13/2002Corrected some errors and inconsistencies in the documentation.
5.0181503/12/2002After a first-day flood of bug reports from people who haven't bothered to download the correct Java runtime version, I have reluctantly added a dialog that checks the Java runtime and, if necessary, tells the user to download the correct verison.
5.0181403/12/2002Fixed a few typographical errors and an incorrect reference to JRE 1.3 — Arachnophilia 5.0 requires JRE 1.4.
5.0181203/12/2002Fixed a raft of bugs that accompanied first release. Decided to bundle documentation with application.
5.0181003/11/2002Initial public release of the Java version.


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