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Graphics Operations
Arachnophilia is © Copyright 2015, P. Lutus.

Arachnophilia is CareWare

Most Web pages include graphic images, so naturally enough Arachnophilia has features that simplify the handling of graphic images. You can:

Here is an image of the graphic preview file dialog:

About graphic files in general — It is best to create an "images" directory as a subdirectory to your main site directory and place all the needed graphic image files there, then link to them from your Web pages. That way, the probability is maximized that the image files will be uploaded onto your site when your Web pages are.

About the above examples of macro names and locations — you can always take macros that you find particularly useful, make copies of them, add them to the default toolbar, or assign a shortcut key to them, and in many other ways make them available to you in the most convenient way. Read about the macro architecture for more on these features.


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